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Alanya Bellydance

Alanya (Abbie Mason) is a freelance Belly Dance tutor & performer working across Herefordshire & neighbouring counties.  Regular activities include teaching weekly social Belly Dance classes for adults; monthly intensive sessions for developing dancers, and hosting 2 annual events in Herefordshire.  One-off activities include workshops for all ages; presentations for community groups including History & Culture talks; a standalone 6-week course for individuals or small groups, and mentoring students through assessments and personal development plans.

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Activities for children and young people

Workshops and courses can be tailored for all ages (under 14s require a parental disclaimer), and cover learning only or to include performance. Sessions can include learning moves, short combinations or complete dances; understanding rhythms; using props. Work with under 14s focusses on the Folkloric tradition including group work. Young people aged 14 and over can also work with adult Belly Dance styles which promote wellbeing and positive body image. 1:1 tuition can also be undertaken.

How we work with schools

Workshops or courses can be provided as one-off sessions, or form part of the curriculum if appropriate. History & Culture and Understanding Rhythm modules can also be included as well as practical dance sessions; these can also be provided as one-off sessions for schools. A course of lessons can provide a complete piece of choreography for performance at assemblies or evening events. Group or 1:1 tuition can be offered to those with specific body image issues.

How much do we charge

Individuals: £40 per hour + travel (45p per mile)
Schools: £25.00 per hour + travel (45p per mile)


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