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Catcher Media

Catcher Media are an award-winning media production community interest company based in Hereford. With over 20 years experience of working in schools throughout the UK to deliver educational projects using film-making and digital media, they have produced online educational resources with the Open University, and worked with schools, universities and NGOs in Europe, Southern India and Malawi. Regarded as experts in participatory video methods, we use video to engage diverse groups and develop learning through creativity. We work with primary and secondary school-children, those not in mainstream education, and special needs groups to deliver work across the curriculum.

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Activities for children and young people

We use creativity to explore a subject e.g. PSHE, local heritage, STEM and mix experts (e.g. historians, health workers or scientists), video, role play, training, interviews, iPads, discussion, professional kit and media professionals to build a heady concoction which produces great video and digital artwork, whilst building rapport and promoting learning among students. We create safe spaces for young people to share experiences and in this whole process they improve their personal and social skills, receive training and engage with the wider world.

How we work with schools

We work closely with schools and other stakeholders to deliver bespoke projects, either as long-running relationships over many years, or as a one-off project exploring a particular topic. We also deliver funded projects to schools, and can advise schools or individuals to develop project proposals for funding applications.

Arts Award Trained

Bronze level

How much do we charge?

Costs vary depending on the scale of production, degree of contact time and travel.

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