Eastnor Pottery & the Flying Potter

Eastnor Pottery & The Flying Potter was established by makers Jon Williams and Sarah Monk in 1994. The Pottery serves as a creative space where the couple design and manufacture their own work as well as sharing their passion and enthusiasm for clay with others. They have a combined experience of over 40 years working with adults, young people and children not only from their Herefordshire base on the Eastnor Castle Estate, but in settings all over the West Midlands and beyond. Their remarkable clay and pottery experiences are designed to explore and develop creativity in all ages and abilities.

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Activities for children & young people

Reggio Emilia inspired exploratory sessions for early years. Collaborative, whole-school wall panels and freestanding sculpture. Individual works. Outdoor mud sculpture and forest school activities. Complimentary planning sessions. Staff training. Why not visit Eastnor Pottery on the beautiful Eastnor Castle Estate. We can accommodate 25 students at a time and the Pottery has a lawn for picnics – perfect for a Summer outing!

How we work with schools

 We have designed projects for all areas of the curriculum including literacy, numeracy, language and communication.  From Early years, SEN, KS1,2,3,4 and post 16.

Arts Award trained

Bronze and Silver

How much do we charge

£350 day £200 ½ day

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