Visual Arts

Equal Vision

Equal Vision works with artists and heritage specialists to produce innovative and inspiring projects and activities for all ages.

• The Curiosity Museum careers workshop for young people
• Grapevine Music Project helping young musicians with stage skills and confidence
• Producer and Fundraiser creating bespoke projects tailored to your needs
• Artist mentoring, coaching and support

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Activities for children & young people

The Curiosity Museum is a new, inspiring and highly effective approach to careers thinking for students aged 10-15.  It is a 90-minute Curiosity Museum workshop providing a unique opportunity for students to:
• Explore – we provide a thought-provoking introduction to careers and open student’s eyes to the full range of jobs including STEAM subjects.
• Understand  -by listening to their interests, we teach each student new tools to help them to make informed decisions about their future plans.
• Create Together -we work with students to develop a personal action plan, building on their unique skills and knowledge building confidence and motivation.

At the end of each workshop, schools receive a detailed report on each student’s journey.

How we work with schools

The Curiosity Museum careers workshop tours Herefordshire schools, visit to book.

Curiosity Museum Workshop Details
• Group Size: 15-20 students
• Designed for young people aged 10 – 15 years.
• Suitable for students with special educational needs
• 2 curiosity specialists lead each session
• Minimum booking: 60 students in 1 day (3 x 90 – 120 minute workshop for 20 students)
• Minimum of 8 x 8m floor space
• Supports Gatsby Benchmarks 3 & 4
• Workshops must be supported by a staff member with knowledge of school career framework

How much do we charge

Book the Curiosity Museum for just £41 per student, visit to find out more.

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