Green Schools Project

Our mission is to enable young people to fulfill their potential by providing schools with resources and support to engage students in environmental projects, building their skills and aspirations while encouraging them, their community and the wider society to live in a more sustainable way. We equip students with communication, problem solving, leadership and teamwork skills that will help them to access university and jobs by enabling them to organise environmental campaigns. We help schools reduce bills by thousands of pounds a year through effective energy-saving campaigns, while gaining Eco-Schools awards and transforming the school into a model of sustainability.  We help teachers to coordinate a whole school project that will benefit their career and make your school a more environmentally friendly place with all of the hassle and planning removed.

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Activities for children & young people

83% of students said that Green Schools helped them to improve their leadership and problem solving skills. 75% of students said that they would consider a green job in the future. 45% of students believed that their actions have the power to change their school community and 67% of students believe that their schools environmental performance has improved because of their actions. This programme has affected 19,000 young people since it began and we have only just begun! Some testimonials from students reveal the impact we have had. “Being greener together means being part of a bigger community.” Anna Kenningham, Year 9 Eco-Team Member, Bishop Thomas Grant School.

How we work with schools

Last year we worked with 21 schools and this number is growing year on year. 94% of Green School Project Coordinators said they would recommend the programme to other teachers. Some testimonials from teachers and Headteachers reveal the impact we have had. “Fabulous resources to help scaffold some highly successful initiatives and an excellent way to get young people involved in environmental campaigns.” Rebecca Cleary, Head of Geography, Hatch End High School. “The sixth form students running the projects have gained skills and experiences that have helped them to gain entry to Russell Group universities and the savings on energy costs has made a real difference.” Yvonne Barry, Headteacher, Kingsmead School.

How much we charge

Where possible we try to fund-raise with a school to help fund the Green Schools Project for a year. Prices are differentiated for Primary and Secondary schools.

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