Hereford Cathedral

Hereford Cathedral is the mother church of the Anglican diocese of Hereford. An important area of the work of the cathedral is in education, and we have a department dedicated to providing learning activities and events for schools and families. The department is staffed by a volunteer team of, in the main, experienced teachers and priests, all dedicated to providing enjoyable learning experiences.

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Activities for children & young people

The Education Department supports the RE curriculum and is happy to work with teachers to complement their work in the classroom by a visit to the cathedral. Younger children, for instance, enjoy being shown around the cathedral by our friendly puppet, while for older children, walking a labyrinth is always a popular and interesting experience.  Additionally we offer Anglo Saxon, medieval or Tudor themed history visits. Drawing on examples from our own manuscript collections, architecture and archaeological discoveries, we introduce school students to their local heritage through practical and creative workshops. Children can design their own illuminated letters, or perhaps decorate a sword hilt with Saxon-style patterns, or explore the cathedral for evidence of Tudor graffiti.

How we work with schools

 Predominately schools visit us at the Cathedral so they can explore the building and take part in on-site workshops.  We provide visits for RE and history, but we are always happy to help teachers of other subject areas like art or English plan a visit where the cathedral is used as inspiration for creative work.  Our work covers KS1, KS2, KS3 and conferences for GCSE and A level students.

How much we charge

 From £2.50 per student per workshop

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