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Herefordshire Computing Support

Herefordshire Computing Support (Mark Sanderson) is a part of Herefordshire Council’s Learning and Achievement Service. Mark provides support to primary schools around the county, and beyond, for all things relating to the use of technology in learning and teaching. In practice that means in-class support for teachers, providing courses and conferences, running specific projects, providing help and support via email and social media. Tech has the potential to unlock new learning experiences for children and to motivate them to learn and that’s what we’re passionate about!

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Activities for children & young people

One of the main vehicles of support is working alongside teachers in their classrooms with their children. We’ve been using a wide variety of tech and solutions in classrooms recently: virtual reality, augmented reality, drones, LEGO robotics, coding platforms, learning platforms, online safety, music performance and composition, film projects …  The growing network of Herefordshire Digital Leaders, now working in 30 Herefordshire primary schools is a hugely popular program and is all about empowering KS2 pupils and giving them a real voice for change and development of technology in learning in their schools.

How we work with schools

The majority of schools buy into a service level agreement which then covers any work the school may reasonably ask of the service. A pay-as you-go service also exists and a small number of projects, when funding can be secured from elsewhere, are accessible to all schools

How much we charge

  £750 per school (for an annual service level agreement) + £5.20 per pupil

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