Sea Legs Puppet Theatre

Hereford based Sea Legs Puppet Theatre is a small touring theatre company, founded in 2001 by puppeteer Rob Ashman. We specialise in introducing children to live theatre by bringing fairytales to life. Created by a team of artists and musicians, shows use a mix of puppetry, storytelling and music to create exciting, funny and often moving theatrical experiences.

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Activities for children and young people

Our performances are highly interactive, educational and fun. Shows are designed to be accessible and inclusive to all. We are often told that children who are usually difficult to engage, get very absorbed and involved with our productions and talk about the show for a long time after.

How we work with schools

We perform to audiences of up to 150 and have productions suitable for SEN, Early Years, KS1 + 2. Shows are most often used as an inspirational springboard for a particular project, to enhance work already in progress or simply as a treat for hard working pupils. Curriculum subjects commonly covered are literacy, art and design, design and technology and music. Requirements for a show are very simple. We just require an appropriate space and power. We provide black backdrops, set, sound and lighting and of course all puppets and props – everything needed to turn your school hall into a magical puppet theatre.

How much do we charge

A performance costs £300 (+ travel from Hereford) – Discounts are available for further shows booked on the same day at the same venue.

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