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With thanks to funding from Heritage Lottery Young Roots Fund,  Whitecross High School and Rural Media  have been working with students on a brilliant project  to explore how valued young Polish people feel in contemporary British society.

The project was devised by students who have created an outstanding film about the heritage and legacy of the polish community, the huge sacrifice and contribution they made during World War II, and to British society as a whole.

Through workshops and field trips, and through interviewing the older Polish community,  students collated stories to produce a powerful short film drama.  The film celebrates the legacy and contribution made during WWII by Polish forces but also challenges misconceptions and barriers still facing Polish communities today.

During the autumn term 2018, the students will be taking the film on tour to showcase to a wider audience at venues, including schools and colleges.  The showcase will also include a student exhibition of artwork in response to the project.

A trailer for the film can be clicked on below – if you are interested in seeing the full version or for any further information about this outstanding student-led project please contact Katie Horne at Whitecross School.

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